Behind the U.S. Food Code | AFFI

Behind the U.S. Food Code

August 9, 2018
2 p.m. eastern

Join us for an interactive discussion with the Conference for Food Protection (CFP) as they review the final recommendations for modifications to the U.S. Model Food Code that were deliberated and drafted by regulatory officials, industry, academia, and consumers at this year's Biennial Conference for Food Protection. 

While CFP has no formal regulatory authority, it is a powerful organization that profoundly influences model laws and regulations among all government agencies, and minimizes disparate interpretations and implementation. Every two years, CFP convenes federal, state and local regulatory officials, industry, academia, and consumers whose recommendations are critical in shaping this model code and ensuring food is safe for consumers at retail and in food service. Join us to learn how CFP's potential changes to the next version of the Model Food Code will impact your food safety programs.




CFP 2020 Conference Chair     
David Lawrence

Senior Environmental Health Specialist, Fairfax Country Health Department 




CFP 2020 Conference Vice Chair

Brenda Bacon

Director of Quality Assurance, Harris Teeter