Benefits of Frozen Food

Frozen foods have been providing American consumers with convenient, affordable and healthy food and meal options since 1930, when Clarence Birdseye’s first line of frozen foods first hit grocery stores. 

To help promote increased consumer awareness of the unmatched nutrition and economic benefits offered by frozen foods, AFFI created the Frozen Food Foundation.  The Foundation is dedicated to providing consumers with all the information they need to make smart food choices, along with tips to help consumers prepare their frozen foods.

The Foundation is also proud to support efforts at leading universities to improve our understanding of the nutrient content of frozen foods and advance frozen food research.

For more information, please visit the Frozen Food Foundation.

Frozen foods also play an important role in feeding America through federal nutrition assistance programs, like the National School Lunch Program and the School Breakfast Program.  "Tray Talk" is a public awareness initiative of the School Nutrition Association designed to spotlight school meal success stories, share information on the latest trends in school cafeterias and celebrate school meals that make use of wholesome and nutritious ingredients - including frozen foods!

For more information, please visit Tray Talk online.